Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The age of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, business process integrations and centralized data systems has improved the efficiencies, the way businesses perform and the rate at which they are able to take accurate decisions based on the information extracted by these systems.

Having an effective ERP system was a differentiator between the good businesses and the best businesses

Over the period, majority of the businesses now are running some kind of the ERP or the other. At the least, they have a consolidated data system and are infact pooling up structured data pertaining to their operations.

The next big questions that arose were: “so, we have huge data now, what do we do next?”, “Now that I have better systems in place, how better can I make my decision making more accurate?”, “How do I further be on top of the competition?”, “How do I make the better usage of my IT Investment that I have already made?”

It is good to have data collected, but if it is not utilized for making ‘that right decision’, it is as good as having an expired cheque that is not presented to your banker.

The answer to all of your questions lies with “Business Analytics” which now is again a diversified area that ranges from Basic Business Intelligence to Predictive Analytics. It also has got variants such as Web Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Performance Management, Fraud & Risk Analytics etc., However, the base of all the above is having the data with you.

Avvas Infotech is the right partner that can provide you with the right analytics program suited to your business.

Don’t have streamlined data or a fully functional ERP?

Even if you do not have streamlined data or a fully functional ERP in place, Avvas Infotech can still help you. We have tools in place that help you to:

  • Structure your data
  • Centralize different sources of data
  • Develop a single view of your enterprise data
  • Apply the Analytics programs
Business Analytics Services from Avvas Infotech:

Avvas Infotech offers a wide range of analytics services including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Performance Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Fraud & Risk Analytics
  • Web Analytics