End User Outsourcing

  • Is your organization adapting a new technology?
  • Are you implementing an ERP for the first time?
  • Are your end users finding it difficult to use your systems?
  • Are your IT plans being delayed due to unavailability of trained users?

Then, we can help you find answers to the same. Avvas Infotech’s outsourcing services include End User Outsourcing – for most of the common technologies that are used by the corporate. Apart from just providing end user services, Avvas Infotech can also help you with the deployment planning, end user training, documentation and creation of web based tutorials for your staff or customers.

These services are offered on a short term or long term basis and can also be used as the first level User Acceptance Testing in terms of application stability and performance

Moreover, these services are executed through a project plan monitored closely and come with a host of MIS reports that prove valuable for the client’s management as well as the IT teams.

Enduser Outsourcing